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Porcelain crowns in Wilmington NC – A Modern Solution at City Dental

Porcelain crowns porcelain crowns wilmington nc
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There are many methods of restoring and correcting the smile in modern dentistry, but porcelain crowns remain one of the most popular and sought-after solutions. At City Dental, located in Wilmington, under the guidance of highly skilled dentist Dr. Taranoff, patients are offered the highest level of quality prorcelan crown placement services.

Benefits of Porcelain crowns in Wilmington NC

Prorcelan crowns are chosen for their aesthetic appearance and durability. The material mimics the natural tooth color, which allows the crown to blend in with the row of teeth, making the smile look natural and attractive. In addition, porcelain crowns are stain resistant, making them an ideal choice for those who dream of a flawless smile for years to come.

The process of crown placement

The process of placing prorcelan crowns begins with a consultation at City Dental, where Dr. Taranov and his team assess the condition of the teeth and discuss the desired results with the patient. This is followed by a tooth preparation phase, which includes minor tooth shaping to ensure a perfect fit for the crown. After this, impressions are taken and a customized crown is fabricated in the laboratory.

Individual approach and attention to detail

At City Dental, great attention is paid to the individualized approach to each patient. Dr. Taranov and his team carefully plan each stage of treatment, taking into account not only medical aspects, but also the patient’s wishes regarding the aesthetics of the smile. This allows them to achieve results that exceed expectations.

Post-procedure care

porcelain crowns wilmington nc
After the placement of porcelain crowns, it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations for caring for your new teeth. At City Dental, patients are provided with a full range of advice on maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile. Regular checkups and professional hygiene will help keep your crowns in perfect condition for years to come.

Choosing porcelain crowns in Wilmington NC at City Dental under the guidance of Dr. Taranov is a choice for quality, reliability, and impeccable appearance. With the help of modern technology and an individual approach, each patient is provided not only with aesthetically appealing crowns, but also with the best results.

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