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Removal operations are divided into urgent and planned. The second option is preferable for the doctor: he has the opportunity to carefully study the clinical picture and think through all the nuances of the procedure. However, there are cases when help is needed urgently. For example, complex removal of a wisdom tooth with difficulty in eruption should be carried out as quickly as possible, otherwise inflammation and suppuration can cause serious damage. Also among the urgent indications:

  • strengthening of the inflammatory process in the periodontium, despite conservative treatment;
  • suppuration of jaw tumors and cysts;
  • longitudinal fracture of the tooth;
  • fracture of the crown part of the tooth with exposure of the pulp;
  • mandibular fractures.

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are removed more often than any other teeth. Some people have enough room in their mouths for erupting wisdom teeth. People who do not have room in their mouth for additional teeth may develop atypical wisdom teeth, a condition in which teeth do not erupt completely from under the gum or erupt out of line with the dentition. Wisdom teeth that protrude slightly below the gum line can cause pain, swelling, and crowding or forced displacement of other teeth.

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